Back to work on Pinky

With the competition behind me it's time to finish up Pinky. I integrated some of the performance and lighting fixes I made to my codebase back to the Pinky project and made the blur on the glow effect smoother. Also played with the lighting a bit with the main light coming from above (besides the "magical" rim lighting) and a dark blue ambient component to give it more of a subtle night-time feel.  That's probably one the last of the graphical changes, then I need to add more enemies and a proper level and it's good to go.  Here are some screenshots (click for super-large image):


Tentacle Uprising Released!

I just submitted the final version for the competition, you can download it here.  You can find this in the readme, but here are the controls:

WASD/Left analog:  Throttle and strafe
Mouse/Right analog: Turning
Left click/Right trigger: Shoot
Space/Left Trigger: Tractor beam
Q key/A button: Fire missiles
Y key/Y button: Invert Y
P key/Start: Pause

You can build towers by capturing the debris with the tractor beam,
waiting for it to repair, and using the tractor beam on the landmasses to place the towers.

If you find any bugs or other issues, do not hesitate to send me an email.

Gameplay video:

Cockpit Deadline Approaching

...and my game is almost done.  Oh yea, the deadline did get extended last week.  I only have a bit of AI to finish along with some narrative, and the rest is just small stuff and polish.  More screenshots!



Tentacle Screenshots

Six days left, here's a look at my progress so far. Check out the TIGSource thread for more info.  Click the images for larger versions.


Tentacle Uprising

I've been working on a game called Tentacle Uprising for the TIGSource Cockpit Competition which ends next Sunday. Check out my entry thread here. It's basically a space combat sim with some tower defense elements thrown in and uses the cartoon shader from my engine.