Super Robo Gems

Super Robo Gems is not your typical swap-and-match puzzle game. Take full advantage of your touch screen by freely swapping and clearing any link of 3 or more crystals of the same color. The gameplay takes another twist as enemy robots spawn with new rows to wreak havoc on your crystals. Stop them by surrounding them with like-colored crystals and clearing them. Hurry before they get past the bottom row!

The full version includes high score boards and 3 gameplay modes:

Endless – Survive as long as you can while racking up gem links for a high score. Robots will arrive and attack more frequently the longer you last.

Time Attack – The emphasis here is on speed rather than survival. You have 3 minutes to set up huge crystal links and score as many points as you can.

Zen – Sit back, relax, and don’t worry about collapsing crystals or robots. Hone your technique or just do crazy stuff with the board.

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Monkey Freak

This game was my entry into the A Game By Its Cover competition on TIGSource.  Save the lab rats from cruel experiments in the sky lab by using your monkey brain abilities to get through lasers and obstacles.

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Playing With Humans

What would an alien race do upon arriving on our planet? Hold sporting events involving death and destruction of course! Up to four can compete in a one-button contest to wreak the most havoc in three different events: Beating up an unwilling human participant, tossing the most cars on a desert highway, and collecting earthling meat from spaceships above farms.

This game was written as an entry into the GAMMA IV one button game showcase.

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Robots Always Obey

Deep within several levels of security in a hidden facility lies a datacenter filled with hundreds of technological secrets. The data is cut off from any networks, but you have managed to break into the robotics network which gives you access to all of the different types of robots in the facility. Program and use the robots to give you access codes to more and more areas and eventually the room where the datacenter is hosted. The robots all have different special abilities and can help each other to get to the
security node in each level.

The development of this game is on hiatus at the moment, but you can download the demo submitted for the IGF in 2009.

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Tentacle Uprising

Tentacle Uprising is a game written for the TIGSource Cockpit Competition in early 2009.

Pilot your ship through the skies of your home planet and build defense towers from the rubble while facing down attacking enemy ships.

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Pinky and the Cave

Pinky and the Cave is a short experiment in arena shooter gameplay. The main character swings on a rope while avoiding shooting down enemies. Collect power ups to survive longer and rack up a higher score.

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