A Game By Its Cover

There's a new competition over at TIGSource that I'm participating in called A Game By Its Cover. The goal is to choose a fake cover and turn it into a real game. The idea, and most of the games, was inspired by a Japanese art exhibition featuring Famicom (NES in Japan) carts of imagined games. It took me a while to choose one but I kept going back to the one below because the characters looked like theyd be fun to model in 3D and it reminded me of Ape Escape. Here's a link to my entry thread on the forums.


Now on Xbox Live

Playing With Humans was approved and now available on the Xbox Live Indie Games channel. Go get it for a dollar (80 MS Points)!

Click here to add it to your download queue.

Roach Puppy now on Game Jolt

Game Jolt is a new ad-revenue sharing games portal for freeware. Several such sites exist for flash games such as Newgrounds and Kongregate, but this site allows most types of content including downloadable games.

Check out the Roach Puppy Games page on Game Jolt now!

Playing With Humans Released

Just got done with the post-compo changes:

Download Playing With Humans

I am also making the two short music tracks available:

Download Playing With Humans Soundtrack


Playing With Humans GAMMA Edition

Decided to make the GAMMA version of the game available while I work on the final one.

Note that it has the following restrictions:
No sound
Locked at 1024x768 fullscreen

Each player uses the A button on their Xbox 360 controller. In order to maintain compatibility with OneSwitch devices (and for hotseat keyboard play), there are keyboard equivalents of each player’s action button:
P1 – Space
P2 – Enter
P3 – Left Control
P4 – Right Alt

Download it here.
Get the final version instead!