Playing With Humans

Unfortunately I didnt make the cut for the GAMMA IV showcase, but the good news is that I get to release the game early. Early doesnt mean right now however, since I'd like to clean up the GAMMA version by adding audio and AI which werent requirements for the competition. I've already completed the AI, made it higher res, and added some audio during the tortuous result waiting period, so it's close.

The game is titled Playing With Humans, and it's basically a series of one button mini-games that involve making people's lives miserable. It supports up to four players and is compatible with Xbox controllers and OneSwitch devices. Here are some screenshots to tide you over:


Robots IGF Demo and other news

Been a while since an update, but I'll get to that. As a solo indie game developer, you have to choose your projects wisely. There is only so much time available, especially when youre dedicated to a full time job. This is normally not a problem for smaller games, but when the scope of a game gets too large you really have to love the project and be willing to put in the time and effort to make it successful (commercial or artistic success, applies just the same I think). To make Robots Always Obey the game I want it to be would require a lot of time developing new features, art and content, and a new art style which means redoing everything I've made so far. This would be ok if I loved working on the game, but frankly I lost interest after developing the IGF prototype for a few reasons. In short, there are better ideas I'd like to make into games and if I dedicate myself to a long term project I want it to be something original I feel very strongly about. I'll make smaller games like what's on this site now without taking it so seriously because I like short experimental projects, and even if they dont turn out too well it was only an investment measured in weeks. This is not to say that I thought it was a bad game, I got a lot of good feedback from IGF judges on it and the negative feedback I got I fully agreed with since most of it mirrored what I thought I needed to do to make it a stellar game. That being said, I'm making the IGF demo available to everyone and I hope you all enjoy it.

Download Robots Always Obey.

So what have I been doing then, since I decided not to work on Robots? I took most of January to write a one-button game for GAMMA4, which is still in the judging process at this time. Unfortunately, I can't really say much more since it's traditional to keep the games secret until the GAMMA party, which is at GDC this year. In the event that my game isn't chosen however, I'll put it up here as soon as I hear back. I'm actually very proud of this one and even if I or others dont get showcased, they will benefit disabled gamers since we were asked to make them compatible with OneSwitch one-button devices.

I am also in the process of trying to get Pinky and the Cave and Tentacle Uprising ready for Xbox Live Indie Games. I'm just working out some quirks in getting my codebase running on Xbox correctly then I can submit the games and let you all know soon.

Robots Always Obey

I finally have a chance to update you all on my latest project, Robots Always Obey. I've been incredibly busy this last month working on this game, crunching as much as I could to meet the IGF deadline. Here's the blurb I wrote up for the IGF submission form, it sums up the game pretty well:
Deep within several levels of security in a hidden facility lies a datacenter filled with hundreds of technological secrets. The data is cut off from any networks, but you have managed to break into the robotics network which gives you access to all of the different types of robots in the facility. Program and use the robots to give you access codes to more and more areas and eventually the room where the datacenter is hosted. The robots all have different special abilities and can help each other to get to the
security node in each level.

This is still a work in progress, there's a lot I have planned for it including different robots with their own special abilities, more varied art, more dangers and obstacles in the levels like turrets and laser barriers, and an in game editor. Screenie and gameplay video after the jump!



Ludum Dare #15

I participated in Ludum Dare 48 #15 this weekend and while I didnt quite finish (but still submitted) it was still an awesome experience.  For the uninitiated, Ludum Dare is a 48 hour game development competition that happens twice a year.  It was a lot of fun and really tested my limits, I'm really looking forward to the next one.  YouTube DRM is lame, enjoy DragonForce on the Vimeo version instead.

Entry Page:
Direct Download:
Youtube Timelapse:

Lost Whelps - LD48 #15 Timelapse from Christopher Zamanillo on Vimeo.


Pinky and the Cave Done!

It felt good to make the final check-in on this! After a slow final phase of the project and a burst of motivated work this weekend I'm calling Pinky and the Cave done. There have been some changes since the last screenshots and video including a scaling down of the characters to allow for a larger playing field, powerups, and new enemies.

But enough talk, go download the game. Here are the instructions followed by the latest screenshot and a new video!

Swing/Climb: WASD or Left analog
Fire: Mouse or Right analog
Shield: Space or Right trigger
Pause/Quit: Escape or Start

Power ups:
Vial = Increase magic range and damage
Shield = Flame shield that kills enemies on contact
Gold Pinky = Extra life